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"Lorna & Bel is an Australian-based fashion tech label that is all about creating beautifully designed bags that simultaneously solve one of the most frustrating problems of the tech-age – your mobile phone running out of battery."
The Future, Designed to Strengthen Fashion's Merger with Technology
Mincero - Where Fashion Meets Technology - September 05, 2018
"" ... commercial retailers and the industry at large are showing increasing interest in fashion tech products and innovations and their potential to woo consumers." "
Fashion Tech Goes Mainstream in Munich
TechStyler - September 01, 2018
"“The brands we are working with will not only give attendees a glimpse of what could be in their future wardrobe ... ". "
The Wardrobe of the Future will be on Display at Munich Fabric Start
Electric Runway - August 22, 2018
"Todas as peças disponíveis no dito guarda-roupa, que irá incluir artigos de startups como like Emel + Aris, Wearable X, Thesis Couture, Pyrates e Lorna & Bel, Orange Fiber x Salvatore Ferragamo Dress e Flair Atelier’s Tailor Made Fashion Technology, que já se encontram para venda no mercado."
Jornal T - August 21, 2018
""We want to bring together brands which represent what the merger of fashion with technology has achieved thus far""
The 'Wardrobe of the Future' is at Munich Fabric Start in September - August 14, 2018
"Offering an up close and personal experience, the curated collection includes brands like Emel + Aris, Wearable X, Thesis Couture, Pyrates and Lorna & Bel, all of which demonstrate the possibilities, advantages and potential of fashion technology."
Step into the Wardrobe of the Future
Interlaced - August 05, 2018
"" ... an impressive line-up of select smart brands that demonstrate the possibilities, advantages and the potential of fashion technology and our future wardrobes at a glance.""
The Wardrobe of the Future, Coming September 2018 - August 02, 2018
""Arguably the best part about this tech accessory, though, is that it doesn't look like anything other than a fashionable bag"."
Technology - Top Accessory
The Courier Mail
"Dylan Bag with Inbuilt Charger"
Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas by Experts
Australian Financial Review - November 24, 2017
""Tech accessories don't always have a reputation for being fashion forward. Lorna & Bel, however, are setting about to change this ...""
Carry It
Fashion Journal - October 13, 2017
"If your phone has morphed into an additional limb and its battery dropping below 20% per cent makes you feel slightly panicked, Lorna & Bel has a clever solution."
This brand is making handbags that charge your phone while you're on-the-go
Fashion Journal - October 11, 2017
"Gorgeous, unique gifts chosen by experts."
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017
Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend - May 06, 2017
"Travellers preferring to check in their luggage and step on board a flight unencumbered can now pack the essentials they need and recharge their mobile phones on the go with a Lorna & Bel handbag."
High-tech luggage ACCESSORIES, VOLUME 24
Signature Luxury Travel - January 23, 2017
"The bag is designed to easily power up a phone on the go with a built-in charger."
High tech meets high fashion
Sydney Morning Herald - December 07, 2016
"Technology needs an injection of fashion, and the Australian designed Lorna & Bell Ava Crossbody Bag ticks all the boxes. It's clever, practical and stylish."
High-tech Meets Fashion with Phone-Charging Bag
The Age - December 07, 2016
"High energy tech"
Charge Up!
Voyeur Magazine - December 01, 2016
"It's a simple idea, but when you think about the practicality it's a winner "
EFTM Best For Her 2016 Award: Lorna & Bel Smartbag
EFTM - November 10, 2016
"When the worlds of technology and fashion collide, the result is usually products that look more tech than fashion. Lorna & Bel's bags break the mould in a big way; it's smart, pretty & practical."
Power Tools
ELLE Australia - November 01, 2016
"Just in time for spring racing – and all-day Insta selfie updates – comes Lorna & Bel’s stylish smart bag."
It's in the bag
The Weekly Review - October 05, 2016
"Fashion meets technology in these stylish, minimalist handbags that have a secret power"
I Found This Great Thing
Sydney Morning Herald - August 21, 2016
"This Aussie start-up has taken the world by storm by creating high-end tech fashion to fill a gap in the Australian market starting with their exclusive range of smart bags."
It’s a fashion power play that we’re ready to take on!
Style Magazine - August 04, 2016
"Proving functional can also be very fashionable, Australian technology start-up Lorna & Bel have created the Ava leather handbag with a built-in 5000mAh battery in a dedicated compartment."
Travel gadgets and gear for city slickers - July 27, 2016
"In a world of tech startups where men are usually the primary consumers of gadgets, Australian tech startup Lorna & Bel are chasing female consumers to purchase their products."
Let me just charge that up in my handbag
The Ambitional - July 29, 2016
"The smartest part ... is its design: the battery’s charging cable feeds into the rear pocket so users can charge their phone discreetly. "
Gadgets & Games: Lorna & Bel
Global Headlines - July 27, 2016
" This smart handbag is about fashion first and technology second."
Smart by Design
Herald Sun - July 26, 2016
"Proving functional can be fashionable."
Lorna & Bel Ava Crossbody Bag
Sunday Telegraph - Escape Magazine - July 24, 2016
"But wait – there’s more! This bag also charges your phone."
Lorna & Bel. Dress Me GC’s obsession with Handbags continues.
Dress Me GC - July 14, 2016
"It's a good looking product ... people who my wife has shown it to think it's brilliant."
Lorna & Bel have created a fashion brand that's tech savvy.
Two Blokes Talking Tech - July 11, 2016
""These leather handbags wouldn't be out of place amongst the best designer gear from Milan.""
High-tech women’s fashion – from clever handbags to smart bras that self-adjust
Today Tonight - Channel 7 - July 07, 2016
"This smart handbag makes technology stylish."
Lorna & Bel Ava - Top Accessory
The Courier Mail - QWeekend - July 02, 2016
"For a first product, it’s more than well done, it's exceptional."
One for your wife: The connected handbag!
EFTM - July 01, 2016
"Lorna & Bel have created a must-have accessory for every woman"
Must have tech appliances for women
Sunrise - Channel 7 - June 28, 2016
" It’s like the bag god finally paid attention to our prayers and got us the Lorna & Bel smart bag."
Hidesign, why don't you make bags that can charge my cell phone?
Gizmodiva - June 23, 2016
"An Australian technology start-up is targeting women to create an unorthodox fashion empire in what is becoming a growing international market"
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend
The Daily Telegraph - June 20, 2016
"The bags are not just fashionable, they are also equipped to charge practically any mobile phone on the go. "
These Lorna & Bel Bags Introduce Women's High-Fashion to Technology
Trend Hunter - June 20, 2016
"We want to bring technology into the fashion world and fashion into the technology world."
High tech bags a smart call
Gold Coast Bulletin - June 20, 2016
"BEHOLD the smart handbag. "
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend - June 20, 2016
"Females a tech focus ... Australian start-up Lorna & Bel are creating high-end fashion with technology built-in, starting with the Ava smart bag."
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend
The Herald Sun - June 19, 2016
"Lorna & Bel handbags are the perfect fusion of both fashion and function."
Lorna & Bel, All About Female-Centric Technology
Fash Nerd - June 18, 2016
"At last - a smart bag to match our smartphones."
Power Dressing
Herald Sun - June 11, 2016

About Lorna & Bel

Lorna & Bel is an Australian fashion accessories brand creating quality leather handbags with inbuilt batteries to charge mobile phones on-the-go.

Committed to making beautifully designed, quality handbags that discreetly integrate technology, Lorna & Bel’s mission is to offer women the convenience of a portable power-source without sacrificing style – a seamless fusion of fashion with function. 

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