Press coverage
""Arguably the best part about this tech accessory, though, is that it doesn't look like anything other than a fashionable bag"."
Technology - Top Accessory
The Courier Mail
"Dylan Bag with Inbuilt Charger"
Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas by Experts
Australian Financial Review - November 24, 2017
""Tech accessories don't always have a reputation for being fashion forward. Lorna & Bel, however, are setting about to change this ...""
Carry It
Fashion Journal - October 13, 2017
"If your phone has morphed into an additional limb and its battery dropping below 20% per cent makes you feel slightly panicked, Lorna & Bel has a clever solution."
This brand is making handbags that charge your phone while you're on-the-go
Fashion Journal - October 11, 2017
"Gorgeous, unique gifts chosen by experts."
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017
Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend - May 06, 2017
"Travellers preferring to check in their luggage and step on board a flight unencumbered can now pack the essentials they need and recharge their mobile phones on the go with a Lorna & Bel handbag."
High-tech luggage ACCESSORIES, VOLUME 24
Signature Luxury Travel - January 23, 2017
"The bag is designed to easily power up a phone on the go with a built-in charger."
High tech meets high fashion
Sydney Morning Herald - December 07, 2016
"Technology needs an injection of fashion, and the Australian designed Lorna & Bell Ava Crossbody Bag ticks all the boxes. It's clever, practical and stylish."
High-tech Meets Fashion with Phone-Charging Bag
The Age - December 07, 2016
"High energy tech"
Charge Up!
Voyeur Magazine - December 01, 2016
"It's a simple idea, but when you think about the practicality it's a winner "
EFTM Best For Her 2016 Award: Lorna & Bel Smartbag
EFTM - November 10, 2016
"When the worlds of technology and fashion collide, the result is usually products that look more tech than fashion. Lorna & Bel's bags break the mould in a big way; it's smart, pretty & practical."
Power Tools
ELLE Australia - November 01, 2016
"Just in time for spring racing – and all-day Insta selfie updates – comes Lorna & Bel’s stylish smart bag."
It's in the bag
The Weekly Review - October 05, 2016
"Fashion meets technology in these stylish, minimalist handbags that have a secret power"
I Found This Great Thing
Sydney Morning Herald - August 21, 2016
"This Aussie start-up has taken the world by storm by creating high-end tech fashion to fill a gap in the Australian market starting with their exclusive range of smart bags."
It’s a fashion power play that we’re ready to take on!
Style Magazine - August 04, 2016
"Proving functional can also be very fashionable, Australian technology start-up Lorna & Bel have created the Ava leather handbag with a built-in 5000mAh battery in a dedicated compartment."
Travel gadgets and gear for city slickers - July 27, 2016
"In a world of tech startups where men are usually the primary consumers of gadgets, Australian tech startup Lorna & Bel are chasing female consumers to purchase their products."
Let me just charge that up in my handbag
The Ambitional - July 29, 2016
"The smartest part ... is its design: the battery’s charging cable feeds into the rear pocket so users can charge their phone discreetly. "
Gadgets & Games: Lorna & Bel
Global Headlines - July 27, 2016
" This smart handbag is about fashion first and technology second."
Smart by Design
Herald Sun - July 26, 2016
"Proving functional can be fashionable."
Lorna & Bel Ava Crossbody Bag
Sunday Telegraph - Escape Magazine - July 24, 2016
"But wait – there’s more! This bag also charges your phone."
Lorna & Bel. Dress Me GC’s obsession with Handbags continues.
Dress Me GC - July 14, 2016
"It's a good looking product ... people who my wife has shown it to think it's brilliant."
Lorna & Bel have created a fashion brand that's tech savvy.
Two Blokes Talking Tech - July 11, 2016
""These leather handbags wouldn't be out of place amongst the best designer gear from Milan.""
High-tech women’s fashion – from clever handbags to smart bras that self-adjust
Today Tonight - Channel 7 - July 07, 2016
"This smart handbag makes technology stylish."
Lorna & Bel Ava - Top Accessory
The Courier Mail - QWeekend - July 02, 2016
"For a first product, it’s more than well done, it's exceptional."
One for your wife: The connected handbag!
EFTM - July 01, 2016
"Lorna & Bel have created a must-have accessory for every woman"
Must have tech appliances for women
Sunrise - Channel 7 - June 28, 2016
" It’s like the bag god finally paid attention to our prayers and got us the Lorna & Bel smart bag."
Hidesign, why don't you make bags that can charge my cell phone?
Gizmodiva - June 23, 2016
"An Australian technology start-up is targeting women to create an unorthodox fashion empire in what is becoming a growing international market"
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend
The Daily Telegraph - June 20, 2016
"The bags are not just fashionable, they are also equipped to charge practically any mobile phone on the go. "
These Lorna & Bel Bags Introduce Women's High-Fashion to Technology
Trend Hunter - June 20, 2016
"We want to bring technology into the fashion world and fashion into the technology world."
High tech bags a smart call
Gold Coast Bulletin - June 20, 2016
"BEHOLD the smart handbag. "
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend - June 20, 2016
"Females a tech focus ... Australian start-up Lorna & Bel are creating high-end fashion with technology built-in, starting with the Ava smart bag."
Australian start-up launches ‘smart handbag’ as part of a growing female-focused tech trend
The Herald Sun - June 19, 2016
"Lorna & Bel handbags are the perfect fusion of both fashion and function."
Lorna & Bel, All About Female-Centric Technology
Fash Nerd - June 18, 2016
"At last - a smart bag to match our smartphones."
Power Dressing
Herald Sun - June 11, 2016

About Lorna & Bel

Lorna & Bel is an Australian fashion accessories brand creating quality leather handbags with inbuilt batteries to charge mobile phones on-the-go.

Committed to making beautifully designed, quality handbags that discreetly integrate technology, Lorna & Bel’s mission is to offer women the convenience of a portable power-source without sacrificing style – a seamless fusion of fashion with function. 

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