Tips & Tricks: How to Remove Dents and Pressure Marks from Leather Bags

May 02, 2016

Tips & Tricks: How to Remove Dents and Pressure Marks from Leather Bags

Insiders swear by this life-saving bag rescue trick

One of the cool things about designing and manufacturing our own bags has been the insider tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way to revive and restore our much loved pieces.

Our favourite tip is a real life-saver. We discovered that unsightly dints and dents (usually caused by cramped or bad storage) that spoil the look of a leather bag need not be permanent.

With the help of a humble hair-dryer, nimble fingers, and a bit of patience, the indentations caused by crushing or less than ideal storage can be eased away – reviving your bag’s appearance.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Apply hot air with a hair-dryer to the indentation to warm the surface of the leather. You will notice the treated area is softening and becoming suppler. Use a hot temperature but be careful not to over-do it or burn the surface (don’t place the end of the dryer too close to the surface).

Step 2. Massage and gently pinch the indentation with your fingers, moving in different directions to ease and release the compressed fibres causing the indentation.

Step 3. Be patient. Depending on how long the indentation has been present, it may take time to massage it out.

Step 4. Stuff your bag before storing. After you’re satisfied with the result, be sure to stuff your bag with paper or fabric before putting it in its dustbag and storing it.

Please note that caution must be used with more delicate and fragile leathers such as lamb skin. If in doubt, seek help from your local shoe or handbag repairer.

For more information about looking after your handbags, check out the tips in FAQ