Battery Anxiety. It's a Real Thing.

March 23, 2017

Battery Anxiety.  It's a Real Thing.

Low battery anxiety is real.

That nail-biting feeling of worry brought on by our phones' power dropping into the 'red zone' creates very real anxiety for the vast majority.

A survey by LG Electronics revealed that a staggering 9 out of 10 people experienced feelings of panic when their phone's battery dropped below 20 per cent or lower.  Sounds familiar, right? It makes perfect sense. In the tech age we all rely on our phones to manage our lives - social, professional and personal.  When we suddenly can't access our phone - real and imagined catastrophes emerge.

According to the survey, which questioned thousands of smartphone users aged 18+, low battery anxiety can lead to:

1. Organising Life Around Phone Charging 

Changing and organising your life to accommodate a dying battery has become common practise.  At Lorna & Bel we've heard some rather hilarious stories about the lengths people have gone to to charge their phones in public places - but we'll save those for another day!.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as skipping the gym in favour of charging a phone. For Millennials, this urge is worse than the rest of us, with nearly half prioritising charging a phone over exercise. 

3. Fear of Missing Out | FOMO

FOMO is a big one. Over 40% of phone users worry most about missing phone calls when out of battery.

4. "I will not be ignored!" | Relationship Problems 

One in three people have gotten into an argument with a significant other or romantic interest as a result of unanswered calls or texts because their smartphone was dead. 

Alleviating Battery Anxiety

A Lorna & Bel bag has an integrated, rechargeable phone battery - the perfect salve for battery anxiety.  When you're on-the-go (with no power-plug in sight), this is the time when dead batteries cause the most hassle.  With a charger tucked discreetly away inside our bags, there's no need to worry - simply plug your phone into the bag's charger, and get on with life!  


Symptoms of Low Battery Anxiety

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