Top Tips to Boost Phone Battery during Spring Racing Season

October 22, 2017

Top Tips to Boost Phone Battery during Spring Racing Season

Power plugs are few and far between when trackside. Here’s our top tips to get your phone battery over the line this Spring Racing Carnival. 

A big day out at the races is guaranteed to give your phone battery a serious run for its money.

To keep your phone charged-up well until after the last race of the day, try these simple power-boosting fixes to beat the battery blues.

Use a smart bag

When power is in short supply, bring your own. Lorna & Bel bags feature a cleverly integrated charger (with cables neatly hidden away), a user-friendly Phone Pocket on the back of the bag (for easy charging and access) and are made from quality leathers in a range of colours and on-trend styles. The bags will give most smartphones two full charges (from 0-100%) - enough to satisfy even the most voracious of phone users. Compatible with iPhone and Android (*phones using micro USB).

Click here for Derby Day options: Dylan Black & Ava Black. For our Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day picks, click here: Dylan Dusty Rose & Dylan Ink Navy.

Use a power-bank

Power-banks are widely available in a range of sizes. The bigger and heavier, the more power they're capable of providing, though often they're too weighty for all-day handbag-lugging. The smallest and slimmest versions don't provide much power and won't give your phone even a single full charge. Look for units labelled 5000mAh or above. Also, most power-banks are made for Android phones so iPhone users will need their own cables or an iPhone lightning adapter.

Reduce Screen Brightness 

Today's smartphones' larger, brighter and more colourful displays are battery vampires. To add a few hours to your battery life, dim your screen brightness. 

Turn on Low Power Mode

If you're going to be using your phone heavily and access to a charger is unlikely, activate Low Power Mode in your settings. You can always switch it off temporarily if, for example, you you want to refresh an app or fetch email during the day. Low Power Mode can add up to 4 hours extra battery life (if you switch it on from the get-go).

Reduce Auto-Lock Time

The longer your phone's screen stays on, the more energy it saps. By reducing the Auto-Lock time to 30-seconds (the minimum on iPhone) or adjusting the Timeout (or 'Screen Timeout') on Android, you can save yourself unnecessary battery drain.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh lets your phone download updates and check new content whether an app is running or not. Because this function can use a lot of power, you don't necessarily need it running for every app that supports it.

Limit Location Services

Apps that use location services are a big drain on your battery and may not always be obvious. Go into your settings' location services (under Privacy on iPhone) and deselect the apps you don't need to get some extra battery mileage.

Don't Use Vibrate

Vibrate mode uses more power than other types of message alerts. If you're a social butterfly with a constant stream of messages coming through, switch off vibrate to help save yourself from low battery anxiety. 

Put these tips into action and it's a sure bet your phone will be powered up into the home straight. 

Photo: Megan Popelier Photography

Styling: Australian Institute of Creative Design

Model: Fashion Styelle


*Please note that the new Samsung 8 phone models are now using USB-C plugs and cables instead instead of micro USB. Samsung provides a USB-C adapter with its phones so you can use this with our bags.

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