Smart handbags to power your day


Up to two full charges with the handbag's lightweight, inbuilt rechargeable battery.


Works with Android or iPhone. Each bag comes with micro USB cables for Android plus a certified Apple lightning adapter for iPhone 5 and above.


A clever slider-pocket on the bag's exterior allows for quick charging and easy phone access.


The handbag's rechargeable battery fully recharges in just under 3.5 hours.


Beautiful grain leather and quality suedes create a stylish and luxurious accessory.


Charge your phone on-the-go anywhere, anytime, with a Lorna & Bel smart bag.

Our beautiful grain leather handbags are fitted with an inbuilt rechargeable battery to keep you powered up at work or at play.

Compatible with most phone types, each bag comes with two micro USB cables (one for charging your phone and another to recharge the bag’s battery) plus a certified lightning adapter for iPhone users (iPhone 5 and above).

The battery and cables are neatly hidden away in a discreet zipper compartment inside the bag.

A cleverly designed slide-pocket on the bag’s exterior allows for easy charging and quick access to your phone. Simply plug your phone into the charging cable inside the slide-pocket and automatically your phone will start powering-up.

When you're ready to re-charge the bag's battery, just plug it in to your usual wall-power adapter or laptop.

Lorna & Bel bags are smart – a perfect fusion of fashion and function.