General Questions

What phones are compatible with a Lorna & Bel bag?

Lorna & Bel handbags will work with any phones with micro USBs. For iPhone users, we provide a lightning adapter (for iPhones 5 and above)). If you have an earlier iPhone model (4 and below), 30-pin lightning adapters are available at most electronics stores.  Please note that the new Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 use a type C USB plug. Samsung provides customers with an type C USB to micro USB adapter which can be used with our bags.

How do I charge my phone?

Simply plug your phone into the USB cable located inside your bag’s exterior slide pocket. Your bag’s rechargeable battery will automatically start charging your phone.

If you have an iPhone (5 or above), please slip the lightning adapter (located inside the interior zipper pocket where the rechargeable battery sits) on top of the USB cable before plugging it into your phone. If you have a Samsung 8, 8+ or Note 8, please slip the USB C adapter (provided by Samsung together with your phone) on top of the USB cable before plugging it into your phone.

For full instructions, please refer to Quick Guide

How do I re-charge my handbag's battery?

To re-charge your bag's battery, plug the USB cable located inside the interior zipper pocket (where the rechargeable battery sits), into your usual charging adapter (wall adapter or PC). Your bag's battery will begin recharging automatically.

For full instructions, please refer to Quick Guide

What comes with my Lorna & Bel bag?

Your Lorna & Bel bag comes with a rechargeable battery, two cables (one for charging your phone and another for re-charging your bag's battery), a certified MFI lightning adapter (for iPhones 5 and above) and a dustbag.

Does my Lorna & Bel bag's rechargeable battery come with a warranty?

Yes. The rechargeable battery inside your Lorna & Bel bag comes with a 12-month warranty.

For full warranty details, please refer to Customer Service

Technical Questions

How powerful is my Lorna & Bel handbag's battery?

Your Lorna & Bel bag comes with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery. Depending on your phone model, this will provide most phones with between one and two full charges (from 0% to 100%).

How fast will the bag charge my phone?

Charging time varies depending on your phone’s model and how flat your phone battery is. On average, if a phone is charging from 0% power, you can expect your phone to reach full power (100%) in about 2 hours.

How long does it take to re-charge the bag’s battery?

To fully recharge the bag’s battery (from 0% to 100%), it takes about 3.5 hours if charging from a wall socket. Charging from a USB port on a laptop or PC will take longer. When the bag's battery is being recharged, the LED power indicator display will illuminate in pulses. When charging is complete, the LED display will illuminate and remain still.

How can I check how much power is left on the battery?

To check your rechargeable battery’s power status, press the ‘on’ button on the top of the battery to illuminate the LED display.

  • 4 lights mean power is between 75 and 100%
  • 3 lights mean power is between 50 and 75%
  • 2 lights mean power is between 25 and 50%
  • 1 light means power is less than 25%
  • No light indicates the battery is out of charge

Do I need to re-charge the bag’s battery before first use?

Your bag’s battery will be partially charged when you receive it. Before you use it, we recommend to fully re-charge it.

What if I don’t use the rechargeable battery for a long time?

If you don’t use the bag’s battery for a long time (for 12 months or more), we recommend you fully re-charge it, then fully discharge it (by using up all the power), before re-charging it to about half capacity. This helps the rechargeable battery maintain normal function before you start using it again.

How long will my bag's rechargeable battery last?

The life-span of a rechargeable battery is between two and three years, depending on frequency of use and care. Please note that all rechargeable batteries, including those in your own phone, become less efficient over time.

If my bag’s battery stops working, what should I do?

If your bag’s battery stops working within the warranty period, please contact Customer Service to arrange a replacement.

Are there any safety precautions?

Rechargeable batteries need to be kept dry and away from moisture. Also, avoid excessive heat and do not use if the temperature is above 60 C.

If you remove your battery from the bag, care should be taken not to drop it.

Do not use the battery if it is leaking, heating up by itself, there is a smell, or if you notice anything else out of the ordinary.


Bag Care Questions

How should I care for my leather bag?

We recommend using a leather protectant to extend your bag’s good looks. A protectant should be applied regularly to help resist the effects of daily soiling. In particular, using a protectant will help prevent light coloured leathers absorbing unstable dyes such as sometimes found in denim.

Other tips to keep your leather bag looking its best:

  • Maintain your bag’s shape by avoiding over-stuffing
  • Avoid placing your bag on rough or sharp surfaces to prevent scratching and marking
  • Don’t put excessively heavy items in your bag as every bag has a limitation as to how much weight can be carried
  • Store your bag in its dustbag
  • Avoid excessive direct sunlight
  • Avoid contact with make-up, perfume, alcohol and water
  • Keep your bag away from denim and non-colour fast clothing (particularly light coloured leather and suede) wherever possible, as some pigments transfer.

How about suede?

Leather care guidelines apply equally to suede care, but suede needs some extra attention to keep it looking good. A water-proofing spray is particularly recommended, in addition to a protectant, as suede is more sensitive to water than leather and can leave marks. It’s best to avoid using a suede bag in wet weather. But if your bag does gets wet, use absorbent paper towels or a cloth to draw out the water and dry the surface as soon as possible. Afterwards, stuff the bag with paper to keep its shape, and then allow to dry at room temperature. Do not apply heat.

Suede products also benefit from gentle, regular brushing with a firm, stiff suede brush. This restores the natural ‘nap’ of the suede and loosens any dirt build-up.

How to clean my leather or suede bag?

Most leathers and suedes can be cleaned but it’s important to use the correct cleaner for your item. A product to clean suede will be different to a product to clean leather. Your local shoe or bag repairer will be able to suggest the most suitable product. Before using the product, we suggest you try a test patch first (in an inconspicuous part of the bag). Don’t forget to re-apply a protectant after cleaning.

If in doubt or if your bag is especially stained or dirty, please consult a professional cleaner.

How can I remove indentations from my bag?

To maintain your bag’s shape, it’s always a good idea to stuff it with paper before storing it and avoid sharp or heavy items pressing into it. However, good intentions aside, less than ideal storage or a cramped closet can put unfortunate dints and dents in leather bags. The best way to remove an indentation is to apply heat from a hairdryer while massaging the dent with your thumb or finger. As the leather warms up, continue to massage the indentation until it disappears. For more details see Journal | Tips & Tricks